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Be Our Guest for 
Easter at Good Shepherd

Easter matters. Jesus is alive and that matters. It matters because we live in a broken world. In big ways and small that brokenness touches our lives. But Jesus came to do something about the brokenness around us and the brokenness in us. His cross brings healing we can't get anywhere else. But it would mean nothing if he remained dead in a tomb. And he didn't. He rose from the dead, just as he promised. His resurrection means the healing and forgiveness he offers is true and trustworthy. 

Join us this Easter for an uplifting, comforting, and inspiring message because He Lives!

7:00 am - Sunrise Service

     outside - weather permitting

Easter Breakfast will be served between services

10:30 am - Festival Service

Annual Children's Easter Egg Hunt will follow the festival service! All welcome!


Good Shepherd Easter Trail -  April 1st, 10am - 12 pm

Join us for an Easter event on our Good Shepherd campus for families and children! Join us to enjoy a series of stations on our Easter trail to share a moving and inspirational message, fun project, and an Easter treat!

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